Kamma is a social group found largely in the Southern Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. According to 1921 census they constituted about 4.8% of Andhra Pradesh population and in significant numbers in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Kamma  is a  dominant  shudra  caste in andhrapradesh and  cultivation is  theirr  primary profession. They also acted as  tax  collectors  during british rule. Kamma  is also  known as  chowdary in  coastal andhra and  naidu in  chittore  though  naidu  is  predomintaly  used  by  kapu/balija catses in coastal and  rayalaseema districts.

According to the census of British India (1891) there were six divisions viz., Peda Kamma, Godachatu Kamma and Illuvellani Kamma (Krishna, Guntur, Anantapur districts); Bangaru Kamma (North Arcot); Vaduga Kamma (Coimbatore) and Kavali Kamma (Godavari districts). In addition, divisions such as Gandikota Kamma, Gampa Kamma and Macha Kamma.

Kamma caste  has  flourished in politicas  and  cinemas  as  many heros  and  heroins  are  from this caste

such as   Great  NTR ,ANR,Krishna, Shoban Babu,Mahesh Babu  etc.